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Instead of having to deal with multiple vendors to design, specify, supply, install and service a dust collection system, manufacturers can now work with a single, expert resource.

Ben Dipzinski and familyNews – April 18, 2016 My family and I are pleased to announce that as of 2/24/2016 we have purchased all remaining shares of O2Filtration and have moved the company to Grand Rapids, Michigan. We have begun to add team members and you will be seeing some new faces in the near future. Additionally, we are in the process of updating our website as well as all of our social media and print media.

We are excited to continue our partnerships with Hocker Polytechnik and Nordfab. As the very best companies in their respective markets, you can be assured of the highest quality possible. SonicAire has elected to terminate our long standing relationship, and as a result we will no longer be providing their fans.

We are are committed to providing the very best dust collection solutions.

IWF 2016 is going to be our biggest show yet and we would like to send a special thank you to our partners Weinig/HolzHer, Timesaver, and IMA/Schelling for their commitment to O2Filtration. Again these are all “best of class” companies. We look forward to seeing everyone at the show! Please keep your eye out for some big announcements we have planned.

We are partnered with the strongest manufacturer in the world that offers a complete line of waste handling machinery, Höcker Polytechnik, and Höcker machinery is available in North America from O2Filtration. Höcker Polytechnik is a German manufacturer with over 45 years of international experience and more than 40,000 global installations.

Our Höcker partner offers:
  • Complete line of dust collectors (small indoor-fully automatic large systems)
  • Energy efficient solutions
  • Fully automatic energy management systems (20+ years)
  • Complete line of dust management equipment (including spray booths, spray rooms, down draft tables, etc)
  • Multiple clean-air side fans designed specifically to the customers air volume needs
  • Waste stream separators
  • Briquetting equipment
  • Waste stream sorting
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Large international staff who speaks English

Höcker North America provides comprehensive dust collection and material handling services to all types and sizes of manufacturers in the woodworking, plastics, and paper industries.

Höcker North America is leading the way with over 25 years of experience in the dust collection industry.

Our summary of experience includes:
  • Dust collection system design
  • Equipment recommendation
  • Consultation and Sales
  • Installation and Service

Höcker North America can handle every aspect of an efficient, integrated, dust collection system from design to ducting to collection to waste management (briquetting).