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O2 Filtration Changes Name to Hocker North America

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O2 Filtration is pleased to announce a name change to Hocker North America. O2 Filtration has
given 15% stock to Mr. Frank Hocker of Hocker Polytechnik GmbH of Germany in return for
distribution rights to the packaging industry. This new relationship allows for distribution of all
Hocker Polytechnik products not only to the Packaging Industry, but to the Wood and Paper
industries as well.

An official ceremony will take place at this years AWFS show in Las Vegas, NV this July. Hocker
North America will also be exhibiting at the AWFS show, demonstrating new Hocker Polytechnik
products and systems at Booth #8622.

As a leader in air filtration in the European market, Hocker Polytechnik is a market leader in the
Woodworking and Packaging industries. Additionally, Hocker Polytechnik is the only company
to be vertically integrated with all of its products from spray booths and paint rooms to
Briquetting machines and shredders. Hocker Polytechnick also offers efficient energy
management systems that will become available in the United States through Hocker North

O2 Filtration has been partnering as an exclusive US distributor of Hocker Polytechnick. Ben
‘the Dust Guy’ of Hocker North America stated, “Our relationship continues to strengthen even
after 8 years of working together. Hocker Polytechnic is a family company and its employees,
managers, and owners are all great people.”

Bernhard Woodwork Invests in Green Technology for 70% Energy Savings

Hocker North America Dust Collection UnitBernhard Woodwork, a high-end architectural millwork and case goods manufacturer in Northbrook, IL, is seeing energy ]and cost savings with the help of energy management technology from O2 Filtration.

O2 Filtration, exclusive US supplier of Höcker Polytechnik, worked together with Bernhard to install a brand new MultiStar VR 8/8 Dust Collection system within the 100,000 Square Foot Facility. Customized for operational efficiency, this system is not only green but intelligent for optimized operations.

“The collector cycles a different motor on and off every day so I’m not getting all of my wear and tear on the same motor. With the old system, if the big motor would go out, we would be shut down.” The system features 4 motors, controlled by smart technology, turning on and off as machines are in use. “I’d say on average we’re running about 15 to 20 percent during the course of the day and I’ve never seen it run over 70 percent where all four motors would be running. It’s usually only one or two motors ramped up to 50 percent capacity,” Bernhard explains.

A central control panel on the new machine intuitively provides real time monitoring of the entire system including: energy consumption, spark detection/extinguishment and more. In addition, the control panel’s computer automatically and independently opens and closes the pneumatically controlled blast gates when a machine is powered up, an operation that previously was done manually.

“The dust collector’s computer knows the minimum amount of air flow that is needed at any time,” Bernhard said. “If we only have a chop saw running, it intuitively knows we only require a couple hundred cfm to get the job done. It is intelligent in the way it maintains air flow while conserving energy.”

Waste Management was also optimized with the new Höcker system. What once involved shovels and manual labor, now includes two containers and the click of a button. Bernhard can now separate their hardwood dust for animal bedding and other waste becomes briquettes for easy and environmentally friendly disposal.

Ben Dipzinski, president of O2 Filtration said, “Being a high-end millwork shop, Bernhard Woodwork can take full advantage of the system’s energy management features. Having a fully automatic system is a perfect fit.”

Hocker North America Shows off Energy Management at Ligna 2017

Hocker North America (formerly O2 Filtration), partnering with German company Hocker Polytechnik, showed off new products and technology at this year’s Ligna Trade Exposition.

Ben the Dust Guy and the Hocker team traveled to Hannover Germany to show off new technology that will soon be made available in the United States. Data collection systems are a new part of energy management, measuring the air temperature, CO2, vocs, air quality, humidity and more.Companies will be able to use this technology for reporting to inspectors, maintaining safer and greener environments, and maintaining industry standards. For example, the packaging industry requires air quality standards that will be measured and maintained with Hocker units.

Paint Blocks by Hocker North AmericaBen also showed off new paint block components for spray booth units. These blocks, unlike traditional fabric material, are easy to clean and re-install. These new blocks feature 10 times the useful life of traditional material, with up to 20 times useful life in many instances. Holding 16 pounds per block, Paint Blocks from Hocker are a green energy saver for spray booth operations.

The company features new technologies on their Hocker North America Youtube Channel. Ben the Dust Guy further explains the features and benefits of products on display at Ligna 2017.

According to Ben the Dust Guy Ligna held, “important discussions on filtration and dust collection.” Hocker North America will display more new products, as well as officially announce their name change in Las Vegas, NV at the AWFS Fair in July at Booth 8622.

WMIA Wooden Globe Innovator of the Year Award

This year’s WMIA Wooden Globe Innovator of the Year award goes to Crystal Cabinet Works, Inc. for their energy saving Hocker North America Dust Collection & Energy Management system.

By combining adaptable and customizable components with an energy management system, Hocker North America was able to deliver a one of a kind system to the Crystal Cabinet Works’ plant. One of the main challenge of Crystal Cabinet Works has been company growth. As the company grew and added machinery the dust system was also required to grow and adapt. This resulted in 6 different collectors from 4 different companies. The hodgepodge of systems resulted in bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and high energy consumption.

The Energy Management System capabilities of the Hocker products caught the attention of Crystal Cabinet Works. After discussing their needs with Ben Dipzinski, owner of Hocker North America, the company decided to proceed with this much more efficient system.

The new Energy Management system was able to save the company an estimated 1 million kilowatt hours each year. This savings is equivalent to to meeting the electricity needs of 94 average U.S households, 562,023 dishwasher cycles or brewing 3,831,933 pots of coffee. From an environmental standpoint, the energy consumption reduction equals saving 1,236,225 pounds of C02 or 24,725 trees needed to absorb that amount of CO2.

According to Dipzinski, “Even if you don’t take Höcker’s Energy Management into consideration Crystal Cabinets would still see a 25 percent reduction in energy costs just from our higher efficiency fans and motors. We are able to provide more cfm with less horsepower. Our total connected horsepower is 485 versus 650 with the old system.” A sure choice for energy savings and increased ROI, Hocker North America is continuing to offer systems to small and large shops throughout the United States.

Dipzinski Family Purchases Remaining Shares of O2 Filtration

Dipzinski Family - Hocker North AmericaNews – April 18, 2016 My family and I are pleased to announce that as of 2/24/2016 we have purchased all remaining shares of O2Filtration and have moved the company to Grand Rapids, Michigan. We have begun to add team members and you will be seeing some new faces in the near future. Additionally, we are in the process of updating our website as well as all of our social media and print media.

We are excited to continue our partnerships with Hocker Polytechnik and Nordfab. As the very best companies in their respective markets, you can be assured of the highest quality possible. SonicAire has elected to terminate our long standing relationship, and as a result we will no longer be providing their fans.

We are are committed to providing the very best dust collection solutions.

IWF 2016 is going to be our biggest show yet and we would like to send a special thank you to our partners Weinig/HolzHer, Timesaver, and IMA/Schelling for their commitment to O2Filtration. Again these are all “best of class” companies. We look forward to seeing everyone at the show! Please keep your eye out for some big announcements we have planned.

We are partnered with the strongest manufacturer in the world that offers a complete line of waste handling machinery, Höcker Polytechnik, and Höcker machinery is available in North America from O2Filtration. Höcker Polytechnik is a German manufacturer with over 45 years of international experience and more than 40,000 global installations.

Ben the Dust Guy