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14 Days of Filters

Hocker North America has been busy at work installing Dust collection filters across the United States this fall. We’re at 6 filters for the month of October- including this filter right here!

It’s been 14 days straight and the team is going strong:

“Ben the Dust guy here. Wow, Saturday, what a day. We’re like 15…14 days straight right now. Just finished rigging this one. We’ve got a separator up top. And there’s the A-Team- taking a break again. It’s no wonder it takes 15 days! Have a good one!”

A Special Thank You from Ben the Dust Guy

How about this amazing sunset? Ben the Dust Guy gives a special thanks to our customers, partners, and families as we keep incredibly busy here in October! Thank you from all of us at Hocker North America!

“We’re Working on a 12 x 6 right now. It’s going over there in the corner on Monday if the rain holds off. It’s going to be our 6th filter for October. We’ve been really blessed this month.”

“It’s great to have great customers and a great product. And Frank Hocker over at Hocker Polytechnik: A great company to work with. We have a great crew. Thanks to all the wives out there that put up with us.”

“We have another filter going up next week in Phoenix Arizona. Ryan’s going to be down there with the crew. Things are really doing well.”

“I spent last weekend with one of our first customers, now a business mentor of mine. I spent Sunday and Monday with him going over our numbers, what’s going on in the industry, how the marketing is, and he says we’re doing things well.”

We really appreciate everyone’s support. Thanks to all of our customers! We know it’s been a really busy summer and we’ve really tried to get after it. And thanks to the guys for putting up with me. And thanks to the wives.

Have a great weekend!”

New Filter Progress

New Hocker America Filter Installation

We’re putting in another new filter! Thanks for keeping the Hocker team busy. We just love days like today- installing a brand new filter for our awesome clients. We even send out Ben the Dust Guy!

Here’s the newest addition to #teamHocker:

Hocker North America is not only a supplier of top quality energy management and dust collection systems. We work with your company to design a customized solution to meet your unique needs. Call us today to learn how you can start saving money and increasing ROI!


New Filter Goes Up In Chicago

Happy Aloha Friday.

Ben the Dust Guy and the Hocker North America team take Chicago this week. Check out the new filter system installed at a plant facility in the windy city. Let the energy savings and clean air begin!

Ben the Dust Guy Shows off Vacumobil 180 at AWFS

It’s Day 2 of AWFS and we’re hanging at at the Closet Booth with Holzher-Weinig. The Hocker North America Vacumobil is connected to their closet package: their slider, evolution, vertical point to point, and their 1308 Holzher Edgebander. The Vacumobil 180 features individual blast gates, perfect for shop application.

Learn More about Products from Hocker North America.

Visite nuestro stand en AWFS

Connor Dipzinski invita a los asistentes a unirse a Hocker Norteamérica en el Show AWFS en Las Vegas

Energy Management to be Displayed at AWFS 2017

Ben the Dust Guy, along with Bennett Dipzinski [en espanol] discuss energy management from San Diego. Visiting the shop of one of Hocker North America’s favorite customers, Ben & Bennett explain that the system was purchased at a previous trade show. Since the filter installation, the company saved over $20,000 in energy savings!

Find Out How You can Save. Contact Ben the Dust Guy.

We check in on a new product location

Suspense is building. Check out this new spot for a Hocker North America system. We’ll check back in on progress but in the meantime come check out our awesome tech at AWFS in Vegas!

We’re in Chicago Illinois with Ben the Dust Guy. The new system is on the water and we’re checking out the shop. The company is making room for Hocker North America to do it’s Energy Saving Work! Check out all that room for new Ducting!! More to come soon…

Paint Blocks Featured at Ligna 2017

Ben the Dust Guy shows off the new paint blocks from Hocker North America. Paint blocks have 10 times the useful life of traditional material and are much easier to clean. Each block holds 16 pounds of material and only need cleaned when the blocks are dirty. Check it out!

The Hocker Team Preparing for Ligna 2017

We’re solving Dust Collection and Energy Management problems here in Hannover Germany. Check out Hocker North America for top quality Energy Management for your shop!

Ben the Dust Guy