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Biomass Boilers

Höcker North America provides biomass systems solutions for the woodworking industry by providing woodworkers with financially viable energy saving solutions though reducing, reusing, and recycling their waste stream into energy.

The midwestern woodworking industry is the perfect application for a wood fuel biomass boiler. Turning your company;s waste into affordable on-site usable fuel is not common sense, but can create value, reduce costs, and set an environmentally conscious in your market and your community.

Höcker North America can size and custom design a biomass boiler system for a single standing building, or industrial complex. As well as design a material handling and storage system to both create your wood fuel and store it appropriately for use or even excess wood fuel sales.


Based on the Boiler type USF- S a moving grate burning system was developed. Thereby all preferences of a moving grate burning system for burning of wet biomass fuel up to 80% (humidity) and new innovative Ideas were realized.

Here they pay special attention, that before the ash is moved, it is fully burned and therefore completely used for energy. Fuel that isn’t burned fully is a thing of the past.

The wood combustion plant is rounded off with an automatic ash removal from the heat exchanger, grate trolley and also the combustion chamber and fly ash. This high cleaning comfort grants consistent boiler efficiency even after several operating hours. The performance range for this wood combustion plant is 90 – 300 kW.

An optimized heat exchanger realizes a maximum boiler efficiency of 220 kW for this type, with basic dimensions of only 2.1 x 0.85 m !!!

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