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Spray, Paint and Sanding Booths

Multiple designs and solutions

Why Choose a Spray, Paint or Sanding Booth from Hocker North America?


  • Two Stage Filtration
  • Low Draft and Low Turbulence Collection
  • Total Open Face Collection Area
  • Easy Filter Replacement and Change-out

The PaintStar from Hocker North America is a different kind of unit. Two filtration stages allow this unit a separation degree of 99%. The concertina primary filter absorbs considerably more overspray than usual filter mats. The secondary filter mat protects the fan and the environment simultaneously. The low draft and low turbulence of the diagonal air flow guarantees a comfortable working climate with an optimal surface quality.

The PaintStar also features a ground level suction hole at the base of the unit, collecting solvents at ground level. Therefore the filter cartridge only has to be inserted in front of the unit. The quick and easy change of the filter is one of the biggest advantages of using the PaintStar. Another advantages is a high reduction in downtime.

PaintStar T

  • Two Stage Filtration
  • Ideal for Small Spray Painting
  • Light Hand Sanding
  • Compact and Quiet

The PaintStar T is the smallest type of PaintStar unit, ideal for the deducting of small and intricate pieces in the handcraft or millwork industries. As normal paint walls are not always suitable of the extraction of small work pieces, the PaintStar T is ideal for the job. The high performance extraction features two-stage filtration and low turbulence air flow. This airflow provides good climate at the work stations and a first class surface quality. When used in conjunction with Hocker’s concertina filter, the PaintStar T not only protects the environment, but your bottom line.

PaintStar M

  • Two Stage Filtration
  • Modular System
  • Custom Designed Per Client Request
  • Custom Widths & Heights
  • Excellent Price to Performance Ratio

The paint extraction unit, PaintStar M, is a customizable modular unit built to meet your unique needs and specifications. Due to the efficient and effective Hocker modules, an exceptional price-performance ratio is achieved when choosing this model. The innovative technology of the PaintStar M significantly reduces energy costs, while maintaining a safe and productive work environment.

PaintStar U

  • Two Stage Filtration
  • Under Floor or False Floor Filtering System
  • Offer Much More Free Moving and Working Area
  • Collects Paint Spray in Its Natural Flow Path – “Downward”
  • Can be Combined with Extraction Walls
  • High Level of Separation
  • Suited for Large Amounts of Overspray
  • Controlled By Producing a Very Fine Spray
  • Integrated Separators Guarantee a Dry Air Return

Underfloor paint mist suction systems permit an optimal surface quality. These units increase the workplace convenience and operational safety while providing more economic production conditions. PaintStar U is suitable for all purposes and may be used in conjunction with a paint mist exhaust wall unit; specifically for the painting of windows and doors.

The PaintStar U offers many advantages, creating a competitive edge for your company.

  • Vertical Air Flow with Low Turbulence
  • Little Follow-Up Costs due to Efficient Concertina Filter
  • Perfecting Working Comfort Due to all over Extraction
  • High Degree of Efficiency of the Hole Area Due to Flat Suction Channel
  • Comfortable Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Fewer Downtimes due to Easy Removable Perforated Plates and Filter Mats
  • Discharge with Domestic Waste of the Filter is Possible when using Lacquers with Less Solvents
  • Over-Ground Installation Possible due to Rugged Self-Supporting Construction

Paint Blocks by Hocker North AmericaFilter Media

  • Concertina Filler
  • DIN 53438, Allowed for Class K1/F1
  • High Filter Load Capacity
  • Special Filters can be Supplied for Specific Operations of Finishing
  • Long Filter Life


Learn More About the Paintblock Filter Media:

 WorkBench Expert Z

The energy saving version of a connection at the main extraction plant or mobile deluster is the sanding table Expert Z 20 or Z 30— with a working width of either 2 or 3 meters. The suction adaptor can be arranged alternatively on the left or right side of the unit.

The Expert Z sanding table reduces dust concentration to a minimum. In connection with an automatic blast gate, the suction is only activated when necessary. The moderate volume of the required air saves not only energy, but also reduces the noise pollution during operation.

Sanding tables are available in 1, 2 and 3 meter sizes. Tables can be connected together to create an assembly line to best meet the individual needs of your shop.

When paired with the DustStar, Hocker technology removes 99.9% of dust from the equation! The DustStar creates circular airflow, removing small dust particles from the air. Meanwhile, the Expert Z table and devices collect large dust particles and debris.


Extraction can be done by means of a portable extractor or by the central dust extraction system. The optimal right or left extraction connection allows it to be set up for optimal efficiency. Compact construction ensures it takes up a minimum amount of space, allowing for a lean manufacturing environment.

The extensive accessory range means comfort of use and the added benefits of:

  • Mechanical Height Adjustment with a Manual Hydraulic System (Crank Handle)
  • Powered Hydraulic Height Adjustment
  • Vacuum Tensioning Device (including 2 Suction Plates)
  • Unfolding Supports for Large-Sized Work Pieces e.g.: Windows & Doors


  • The Device Complies with EU Machinery Guidelines and bear the CE-test Symbol
  • Ensures Compliance with the Workplace Exposure Limit
  • Adjustable Workbench Height Means Less Back Strain
  • Work Can be Done Sitting Down
  • The Working Surface is Made of Resistant, Industrial Quality Felt to Protect Workpieces

Cost Effectiveness

  • Low Airflow Means Low Energy Consumption Without Sacrificing Extraction Efficiency
  • Special Accessories Permit Rationalized, Ergonomic Work Procedures
  • The Integrated Control and Connector Panel Includes a Lockable Main Switch, 2 Power Sockets (230V), as well as 2 Compressed Air Couplings, Avoiding Cable Clutter
  • Instead of the Compressed-air-driven Vacuum Generator (compressed air consumptions approx. 50NL/min) an Energy-Saving Vacuum Pump can be Supplied.

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