The Ultimate in Dust Collection

The Multistar - Customized for you.

Dust Collector Solutions for 18,000+ CFM

Our goal is that you don't need to touch this filter.

Multiple Fans

If one of your fans breaks down, the system automatically adjusts its usage. There is no downtime because the other fans stay running. Each fan runs 

Custom Solutions

You know your shop best, we’ll find a solution that fits where you need it. Custom features include: size, fans, control panel, waste extraction, and spark detection

Better Filters

Our filters provide an excellent air-to-cloth ratio, which means less energy (and less electrical costs!) are needed.

Smart Features

The Multistar systems monitor usage and adjust automatically. As an employee starts/stops their machine, the system updates based on the required CFM.

System Monitoring

The Multistar runs diagnostics that monitor energy usage, alert when waste bins need to be emptied and more. 

Lower Maintenace

The Multistar system rotates the usage of its components, so the machine wears consistently.

Waste Output Options


Extra Large 275 Gallon Bins Store Dust and Chips for easy waste removal. Each bin has a shut-off segment, which makes it simple to empty the collection bags during operation. No system shutdown needed.

Rotary Airlock

The rotary airlock allows the chips & dust to be moved to the container of your choice. Popular configurations include dumpsters or silos. The system can be set up as a closed loop system, saving the user energy. This option is ideal for high volumes.

Briquetting Press

Turn dust & chip waste into briquettes! This makes for easy recycling / disposal. Briquettes are highly sustainable and can even be used as a heat source to offset utilities.