Powerful. Compact. Efficient.

The Multistar C is a powerful industrial dust collector that brings the power of the Multistar to a small footprint of 10 sq meters. Excellent for woodworking with up to 18,000 CFM airflow.

Multistar-C Comapct Dust Collector

  • Easy & Fast Installation

    Powers up to 18,000 CFM per unit

    SMART collection system that updates for you

    Self Cleaning
    3 Waste output options available

    Only 107 sq. ft
Discharge Options

Collection Bins

  • Heavy Duty Containers
  • 275 gal capacity per bin
  • Total waste Capacity : 1650
  • User Can Empty While It Runs

Briquetting Press

  • Turns Waste into Briquettes
  • Can Be Used to Reduce Utilities (ask us how!)
  • Easy to Recycle & Dispose

Rotary Airlock

  • Good for High Volumes
  • Connect to a silo, dumpster, or other
  • System Recycles the Clean Air
  • Closed Loop System

Collect dust & chips in bins. The Multistar-C has six bins with 275 gallons each, for a total capacity of 1650 gallons.

Each bin has a shut-off segment, which makes it simple to empty the collection bags during operation. No system shutdown needed, saving you time, energy, and money.

The integrated briquetting press process the material into briquettes, which can be easily recycled or disposed of. Learn more about the briquetting press here.

The Multistar C airlock filters transport material to other transport systems, such as a silo or other container. These are tested and certified for flame resistance.

Excellent for large volumes.