Vacumobil JZ-350

Power your space for up to 5000 CFM airflow per unit with the Vacumobil JZ-350 industrial Dust Collector. The rotary airlock moves high volumes of material. Use Indoor or Outdoor and move around your shop as needed. Smart Features & Controls save up to 65% in energy use, which means cost savings year over year.

  • Air Volume Flow up to 5000 CFM each
  • Air is cleaned 50x better than OSHA requirement
  • Up to 65% Energy Savings
  • Automatic compressed air pulse cleaning of filter
  • Simple Disconnect
  • High Air-to-Cloth Ratio
  • Indoor or Outdoor Unit
  • SPS Controller for up to 8 machines
  • Energy Management System
  • Fire & Explosion Tested 
  • Quiet Performance (60 decibels)
  • Suitable for Woodworking, Packaging, Plastics, and Metals

shipping terms are FOB POE, freight allowed. see technical data below


With up to 65%* Energy Savings, Your Energy Costs Drop Too

User Smart

When a New Machine Starts or Stops, the System Adjusts on Its own


Use up to 8 machines and up to 5000 CFM airflow with the 15kW motor


Built In Fire Suppression System & Explosion Tested. Quiet (<72 decibels)


Self cleaning filter, smart waste dispention, motor adjustments

High Performance Closed Loop System

The Rotary Airlock in the Vacumobil JZ-350 makes your dust extraction system work for you. This airlock creates a closed loop system.

This dust extraction solution is designed to discharge high volumes of waste into the collection of a container system, such as a dumpster, silo, etc.

Bottom line: we take the dirty air and recycle it into clean air. 


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The differences in each Vacumobil model is the output. The JT model puts the waste into bins, the JZ model uses a rotary valve to dispense the waste, and the JP model turns the waste into easily disposable briquettes.

The average shipping time 

note: delays possible due to COVID-19. We’ll keep you informed throughout the process and find your dust extraction solution as quick as is possible. 

L = 3.93 meters (154.7 inches)

W = 1.03 meters (40.55 inches)

H = 2.56 meters (100.78 inches)

1.080 kg (2380 lbs)